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We all should hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Many people who have never got in extreme situations dangerous for life think over that fact that sometime something bad can happen with them. Unfortunately not everything depends on us. We may need help everywhere- at work, on a road, in camps, in a business trip, in a shop. We must be ready for everything. Emergency preparedness to extreme situations and disasters is expressed in knowledge of the first aid bases and presence of survival kits. We must care not only of our relatives but also about ourselves. Awareness that you geared-up, makes our stressful and unpredictable life a bit simpler. provides quality survival kits and supplies for home, business or vehicle, medical first aid kits, wilderness survival kits, supplies and gear for many types of emergencies and disaster preparedness. We offer a variety of kits and outdoor survival supplies which you should have with you wherever you are- outdoors or at home. Emergency preparedness is available for you. You can choose between auto and roadside kits, consumer first aid kits, disaster and survival kits, business first aid kits, outdoor and camping kits, sports first aid kits and first aid cabinets.
Emergency preparedness experts have designed our survival kits to contain the most reliable emergency sanitation, lighting, communication, food, water and shelter supplies. We are developing forward adapting to new technology to satisfy customer's demand.

Business emergency kits section includes survival kits for 25, 50 and 100 people. There are 61, 116, 247 pieces first aid essentials kits.
Car emergency kits contain everything you need all emergency situations on the road- antiseptics, medicine, bandages, dressings, multipurpose tools or materials, references and instruments.

We offer you 185 piece soft-sided consumer first aid kits , 53/81/86/116/122/200/247 pieces first aid essentials kits in plastic boxes and vinyl bags.

Disaster and survival first aid kits include Red Cross personal emergency preparedness kit RC-613, Red Cross personal emergency preparedness kit RC-622, Red Cross personal emergency preparedness kit RC-662.
The section of first aid cabinets kits contains 25 and 50 person OSHA first aid kit in plastic and metal boxes, first aid station cabinet for 100 people.

Outdoor and camping survival kits contain sun block and lip balm, cold compress, bandages, antiseptics, items for injury treatment, wound care and medication. 87 and 205 piece outdoor survival aid kits are available.

71 Piece Large Sports First Aid Kit on sale has separate compartments. It was developed specifically for sports activities. Sport injuries are not rare and sport emergency kit will provide you with everything you need to help an injured person. It contains wound care supplies, latex-free elastic bandages, moleskin, instant cold compresses, antiseptics and other first aid needs.

Emergency preparedness is important for everybody. Giving first aid survival kit to your relatives and friends will be a sign that you really take care of them. Category Safety and gift ideas will help you to choose such present.

At you'll find only quality items at low prices. We provide you with accurate and current emergency kits suitable for various situations and places. We offer first aid survival kits for different amounts of people beginning from 25 person emergency supplies to survival supplies for 100 people.

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